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My gift to the Rickyl fandom!  A collection* of all of my favorite works.  Thank you to all of the authors for providing our little corner of fandom with amazing works like the ones below.  Happy Easter everyone!!!

*all works in this collection are complete, since nobody wants to waste their holiday waiting for an update that might never come

Us by thelongcon (AO3) one-shot: This fic doesn’t come with a summary, but it doesn’t need one because it is honestly one of the most amazing rickyl one-shots out there.  Angst and smut and beautiful, beautiful writing.

we work like broken machines by sebbykurt (AO3) multi: A collection of drabbles, with credit to ImagineYourOTP for providing inspiration!

 Not to toot my own horn or anything, but, heh, you should read this.

Limbs by SkinwalkerSkiddo (AO3) one-shot, part of this series: Rick woke up around 5:30 in the morning with a foot in his face.

I read this fic when I’m sad and need something fluffy.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

teach me passion for i fear it’s gone by niroa (AO3) one-shot: rick has his own fair share of scars, and daryl wants to know about each one.

If you’re a die-hard Rickyl fan then you know niroa is pretty much the owner of our fic-craved hearts.  This fic hits home in the best way.  Super bittersweet.

breaking glass, and the sounds we make without realising by littletrenchcoatangel (AO3) one-shot: Daryl is literally skating circles around Rick when he suddenly bursts out laughing, the sound echoing around the empty building in a way that makes Rick’s heart beat faster.

Michonne is bisexual and everyone is adorable.  Enough said.

Back Against the Wall by Jayswing (AO3) one-shot: In the end, it’s always been just him and Daryl. That’s why it hurts so much when he has to let him go.

This is one of those really sad character death fics that you say you won’t read but that you do anyway.  Here be tears, folks.  Here be tears.

Any Last Words by miyatree (AO3) one-shot: ”Rick Grimes, you got somethin’ you wanna tell me?” The first time Daryl met Rick he asked him the same question. It seems only fitting it’d be his last.

This fic is heartbreaking but it’s one of my favorites.

Dragonflies by ampkiss (AO3) one-shot: It’s been three weeks, and no one’s quite sure yet if Rick and Daryl are trying to keep it a secret or not.

I suggest you stop by ampkiss' tumblr and check out her writing because WOW.

Thicker’n Blood by CrossbowDontMiss (AO3) multi: ”Rick knows it’s a mistake, letting Merle into the prison. He knows it can only end badly, put the group at risk, put ‘em on edge. He’s doing his level best to keep both to a minimum, but it’s a losing battle. And that ain’t even his biggest concern doing this. It’s Daryl.”

Merle-induced Daryl angst, Protective!Rick, Daryl/Rick fluff.

I always come back to this fic because it’s kind of amazing.

swap snow for leaves by Mononoke (AO3) one-shot: Rick’s shaking is getting worse, and he’s staring at the fireplace like his sheer damn will alone will get a fire going.

Rick’s not the one with that skill.

Don’t ask questions just read it.  If you know what’s good for you, you /will/ read this fic.

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And enjoy yourselves, everyone!

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