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Rickyl; ‘A’


"You’re my brother."
“You’re family too.”

Anonymous asked:
Ooh, jailbait!Daryl? How about one dealing with his oral fixations and Rick having to fight the urge to ravage him infront of everybody, lol


But what really drives you to fatal distraction is that Daryl never does it on purpose.

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Claimed - Violet_Rose - Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Title: Claimed
Author: Violet_Rose
Rating: Explicit
Warning: None
SummaryRick and Daryl reconnect after escaping from Terminus.
Status: Complete

Going Without - VictoriaAGrey - Walking Dead (TV), Walking Dead [Archive of Our Own]

Title: Going Without

Author: VictoriaAGrey

Rating: Explicit

Warning: None

Summary: Scene alluded to in Empires of the Mind:

Daryl gets antsy if him and Rick go without sex for weeks at a time.

Status: Complete

Playing with Fire - andthewhales - Walking Dead (TV), Walking Dead [Archive of Our Own]

Title: Playing with Fire

Author: andthewhales

Rating: Explicit

Warning: Daddy Kink

Summary: Daryl finds out what happens when you push your Daddy too far.

Status: Complete



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*Mothers are hiding their children, cursing the day they decided to provoke us. They’re praying for peace, altough they’re not sure they’re gonna survive this war..

A deathly silence fills the air…Until we hear a calm voice saying…


 It’s on…



Photographer Norman Reedus takes a photo of Andrew Lincoln