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prayformebruh asked:
Yes, hello friend! I would like to fill the position of... Well, whatever's open at the moment. I ship Rickyl with my soul, although I may not actually blog about it (Only because people followed me for the soul purpose that I'm a humor blog ._.) Anyway, I'm a tiny bit shy, I write fanfiction, and I'm beginning to dabble in drawing. So yes, I would really like to be apart of this blog. (But if you don't want me to that's alright, friend (~._.)~)

Of course I want you on the blog:DDD  I actually just filled my last open admin spot, but if you don’t mind being a mod, all you have to do is send me your email address so I can add you!  I’ll also email you a list of guidelines/tags that I run the blog by:D


shepherd Rick and wolf Daryl  (•ω •๑)

Anonymous asked:
Ahh yeah I guess we dont no enough about Gareth to actually write about him so..... maybe just a prompt were Daryl gets outted or somethin'? :) ♥♡ x


Daryl narrowed his eyes at Eugene, annoyance bubbling up in his chest. The group had stopped to set up camp in a field, and over the last hour, he’d caught the other man staring at him at least five times. Each time, the fuckin’ geek would meet Daryl’s gaze, then turn away as if nothing had happened. Once or twice, Daryl would’ve just shrugged it off, but the asshole just kept staring

A small grunt of irritation slipped past Daryl’s lips, and he wove through the cluster of bodies. He moved to Eugene’s side and glowered at him.

"You got somethin’ to say?" he snarled quietly. Eugene looked up from the hopeless mess he was making with the rope in his hands. 

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Rickyl in every episode » 4x01 - 30 Days Without an Accident

Anonymous asked:
Rick/Daryl underwater kiss? 19


  • 19: underwater kiss

I got this prompt twice (Great minds thinking alike? I think so.) So this is for both Nonnys ♡ ♡ ♡

Today was the first day of Judith’s swimming lessons and (absolutely no pun intended) it didn’t start out as swimmingly as it could have. She screamed when she entered the water, crying for Daddy and Dairy, as she called Daryl, to get in with her. Seeing no other way around the subject without causing a scene, they quickly retrieved their swimtrunks from the trunk of their car, changed into them in the locker rooms, and got into the pool on the opposite end of where her lessons were taking place.

"Tha things I do for that girl a yours," Daryl mumbled half-heartedly as he waved back at a now grinning Judith.

"Ours," Rick replied, chuckling at his partner’s forced irritation. "And you love spoiling her. You’re worse than I am."

"No way."

"Uh huh. Says the guy that drove half way across town to get her favorite ice cream when there was already some in the fridge."

"She was sick!"

"She had a cough."

Laughing at Daryl’s “whatever,” Rick leaned in to kiss his cheek. It never failed to make him smile that Daryl still blushed when he did that in public.

"Hey. I got an idea," Rick whispered in his ear. Taking his silence as a go ahead, Rick replied, "Meet me under the water."

Giving Daryl no time to respond, Rick submerged himself and waited for Daryl to find him under the water. Reaching out to hold his face, Rick pulled Daryl towards him to kiss him. It wasn’t nearly as romantic as it sounded, staying under the water required them to kick their legs and that meant the connection pushed them into each other and then inches apart the next second. Daryl and Rick rose for air laughing at themselves.

"That was stupid."


"Wanna try again?"

Rickyl in every episode » 3x16 - Welcome to the Tombs


norman reedus officially owns my original artwork of the picture posted below. the entire picture is completely made up of quotes that rick and daryl have said to each other from season one to four. he even said he was going to show it to andrew lincoln :)image

Hello everyone! This is Kayleigh (rickylpls). I’m now a new admin for this blog! I’ve filled up the queue and hope to help keep this blog updated more regularly from now on.

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and say I’m happy to be here!


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Anonymous asked:
Daryls sick of those woodbury women following him around and in frustration he ends up screaning at them that he's gay. Id love for you to do a funny reaction from Merle and Rick. ★★


Sorry this took so long in case you havent realized im trash 

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