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5.01 NO SANCTUARY- [Rickyl 1/16]


Will loosely follow Season 5 as it’s coming out- hopefully with an update after every episode.


It’s not that Rick has time to think about it. An elbow jutted outwards, shoulders harshly sloped, and ears open for the whisper of a siege- he doesn’t have that casual leisure. Not when his muscles ache with vestigial violence, still thrumming dangerously, hot and molten beneath skin and scalp.

Not when they’ve been tossed out on their asses again by the dying world like a handful of chipped dice- landing haphazardly in the crooks and crannies of the stinking forest around them. Rick doesn’t have a goddamn second to himself, not to think, and not to linger. That’s how it should be. 

But when his eyes have shuddered into the restless minutes before sleep, he recalls the pause of his gait, and the hesitance of an outsider looking in, earlier that afternoon.


He’d always thought the closest that curling mop of dark tresses got to anyone was a shoulder away. His left, and right. On the rare occasion, near enough for Rick to take a glance, and wonder, for the umpteenth time if it was uncomfortably warm for Daryl. His hair. Sweeping heat on the back of his nape, with a brow of sweat. 

Daryl drew people to him, like an oil lamp for ashen moths, but everyone knew, loud and clear, that he didn’t like to be touched. Rick won’t say it, but there’s always been a hint of pride in the way he stands, Daryl at his side, with the knowledge that he’s come closer than most. 

A shoulder away.

That was the distance Daryl was comfortable with, any closer, and the wind would change, the man’s lips curled into a subtle warning with bared teeth. 

It seems, not for the first time, that Rick assumed wrong. And probably had assumed wrong for a long damn time. 

Rick didn’t give those thoughts time to curl up in his throat like tendrils of rot. He’d simply smiled, cheeks tight with exhaustion, and lashes lowered to give Daryl and Carol as much privacy as could be afforded with everyone piling into the clearing.

He had let out a breath then. A breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. Letting it fall into Carol’s shoulder as he’d embraced her tight with affection, gratitude, and relief. A heavy exhale, but quiet like the final resounding note of a musical tie.

They’ll be good for each other, he’d thought.


Rick pulls the ragged slip of jacket tighter around himself, falling asleep with strung nerves, and the smug knowing stare of Shane on the back of his neck. 

No sanctuary. Not even in fantasy or sleep.


a rickyl pickyl for jesse!


They’ll Never Take My Body From Your Side // a Rickyl fanmix

1. Light a Fire // Rachel Taylor 2. Stay // Hurts 3. Say Something // Great Big World 4. Devil’s Backbone // The Civil Wars 5. Blue Eyes Blind // ZZ Ward 6. Stolen Dance // Milky Chance 7. Stuck on You // New Politics 8. Love Runs Out // OneRepublic 9. Fire Breather // Laurel 10. With Love // Christina Grimmie 11. Longest Night // Howie Day 12. Heavy in Your Arms // Florence + The Machine 13. Twice // Little Dragon 14. Love Don’t Die // The Fray 15. A Drop in the Ocean // Ron Pope 16. Wherever You Will Go // The Calling 17. Set Fire to the Third Bar // Snow Patrol 18. Blood Bank // Bon Iver 19. King and Lionheart // Of Monsters and Men 20. Too Close // Alex Clare 21. arms // Christina Perri 22. Lock Me Up // The Cab
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The Same Deep Water As You



For the amazing missgreene, a very late bday gift. When I asked her what she would like, she told me Daryl and then followed that up by telling me it didn’t have to be smut which kind of threw me for a loop. I wasn’t sure I could write non-smut, lol, but I gave it a shot and I hope it doesn’t suck too bad. 

I’m sorry this took so long, Sarah-Bear. I hope you like it. ♥


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Just protecting the bae.


if Rick and Daryl ever look at you like this…run.

I N E E D Y O U - By psychoticmidds - Chapter 1

Title: I N E E D Y O U

Author: psychoticmidds

Rating: Not Rated

Warning: Other Ships, Rape, Death

SummaryRead first chapter for the summary

Status: Incomplete

Rickyl + touches


Daryl’s had a rough freaking day and just needs to touch all over Rick. He needs to tussle that hair, smack that tumtum and grope that side of beef before passing out face first in Rick’s arm pit like a weird cat. Rick has no idea how to react to this obviously.